Walkwitme Companion & Transportation

Walkwitme Companion Care and Transportation was created out of necessity. As my parents got older and started needing more assistance, my brother and I were more than willing to offer a helping hand to the ones that shaped us into the men we are now. It started out with us taking our parents to doctors’ appointments, then we started having to go to the store, bank or pick up prescriptions.

Over time, we were doing all the things for them that they no longer could do, which included but is not limited to, cleaning house, IT services and yard work. One day, while dropping my mother off at a doctor’s appointment, a woman asked me how long I had been driving and what was the name of the company I worked for. After several questions trying to understand where she was coming from, it clicked. She thought I was a driver for a medical transportation company. She said she had seen me before and really appreciated the way I handled my customer / patient.

I, of course, said thank you and explained that the customer / patient was my mother. We laughed, but then she quickly countered with “are you available to drive me to my appointments?” and as they say, the rest is history. We started with one customer, providing rides and now we have grown into a full-service companion care and transportation company where we treat everyone just as good as we do our own parents.

I saw that there was a need and with the help of my wife, we could offer these services at a reasonable price, so it was a win-win for us. Not only could we give back to the community, but we could make a living as well.

Our Business Model

Walkwitme Companion Care and Transportation provides comfort, services and support that enables them to stay in their home longer. The plan is to have our clients enjoy a more active and healthier lifestyle, while providing their families with a sense of security that their loved ones are happy and safe. Our care will have a positive impact on those you love.

Home care services that we provide include:

Non Ambulatory Transportation

Affordable transportation for the disabled, handicapped, elderly and any other non-wheelchair bound citizens.

House Cleaning

House cleaning services for you so you can have more time for your loved ones, hobbies, and interests.

Prescription Pickup

Have your prescription medication picked up and delivered at your door.

Groceries Pickup

Have your groceries picked up and delivered at your door.

Lawn Care

Lawn mowing and other lawn services. We keep your yard looking its best.

Help with Meals

We can assist with meal preparation, and personal nutrition at home.

Personal Cleaning

We're happy to lend a hand with your personal care needs.

IT Services

Malware and virus scans, Networking, Peripheral installs, Maintenance, Help protect against phishing scams.

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